Mechanical Design
Functional Design

50 hours (3 hours per day)
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This isn’t exactly a surfacing class, but rather a skill building course on all the topics that need to be understood before you register for a surfacing class. This will also cover in more detail the objectives for both the Part Design Specialist and Expert certification exams. The primary focus of this course is to take students to a level where they can design models from drawings or physical parts by themselves, without any assistance. In short, a functional understanding of the complete CATIA infrastructure up to this point.

We wanted to make the class as close to real life as possible, so we went shopping! We’ve collected several brackets, tools, plates and other pieces from our local hardware stores to be used in class as the basis for our models. On any typical day, we’ll hand out several various parts, and students will use CATIA and their imagination to build the most accurate and well designed models they can. At the end we will discuss the different design methods and theories. We will also have troubleshooting labs, quizzes, and surfacing basics.

Topics covered:

All the common commands and functions (pad, draft, shell, etc.)
Building models from drawings
Building model from physical part

All of which include topics on:

Part Bodies
Geometrical Sets
Boolean Operations
Naming conventions
Organizing based on manufacturing operation
Power Copies
Design Tables
Visualization Filters (Layers)
Troubleshooting broken models

Prerequisites:   It is required that students complete CATIA Level 1 and 2 before enrolling.
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