Mechanical Design
Applied CAD

50 hours (3 hours per day)
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This is a new specialty course designed around integrating CATIA Design with Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing) and exploring the possibilities of this emerging technology.

Beyond simply printing parts, we've been able to blend several engineering and design principles in each project. Examples are designing spinning tops, whirligigs (helicopters blades), toy cars, various gears and their reductions, translation of motion, as well as the possible integration of other hardware and electronics (motors and LEDs). This has also became a great way to understand first hand the concept of Design for Manufacturing. Many of the students design may have to be printed several times to get the desired result (gear lash, tolerance, size, etc), which is a very common occurrence in the design industry.

Because this course relies heavily on CATIA design and the connection between design and manufacturing, it becomes a great experience to enhance your realistic hand-on design skills. All the parts and assemblies students create come from their own imagination. There is no book for this class. Every model you will design from start to finish, yourself.

Prerequisites:   It is required that students complete CATIA Level 1 and 2 before enrolling.