Mechanical Design

50 hours (3 hours per day)
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This is an advanced CAD course that teaches students what it takes to follow the manufacturing process from start to finish. This ties in perfectly with the overall point of Damian Cianci's Applied Science and Manufacturing series to show students how PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is realistically implemented throughout an organization.

The class allows experienced CATIA students to design parts and molds to be machined on the CNC mills. The parts will then be opened in a CAM (Computer Aided Machining) program to create tool paths and g-code that the mills will use to cut out the part. In this class we'll be focusing on making molds more than finished part so we can then use our finished molds to make plastic and composite parts. We will also be performing composite layup and vacuum bagging in class. We we completely produces several parts from start to finish.

Prerequisites:   It is required that students complete Mechanical Design - Part Design<> enrolling.