Vacuum Infusion of hood frame
Vacuum Infusion of Boat Hull
Vacuum infusion of an aircraft bulk head
How To Fiberglass - Mold Layup

Amazing CATIA tuturials from Dicksham

Fiberlay - local composites materials
Skibuilders - local shop with materials and tutorials
Plascore Honeycomb core material
MAS Epoxies
Action Sports
Carbon Fiber Yarn
Composite Envisions - Many amazing fibers and more

How To's and Project Documentaries
The Scrumble Project
Knowledge and Tutorials
DIY Microhydro Plant
Composites World

Alternative Materials - UV Curing Resins
Hemp Fabric
The Bamboo Fabric Store
Cereplast - Renewable plastics

"Green" Info
Green manufacturing Expo
Riding on the Green Manufacturing Trend
Center for Green Manufacturing
Green Manufacturing Summit (from Oct 2008)
ISO 14000
California’s Green Chemistry Initiative: What It Means To Manufacturers And Consumers

Special Projects

These are extracurricular projects that I have that students can choose to work on. Most of these are new methods and/or in need of documentation. All projects will be documented in various methods and published to the website. Students involved will all get credit as authors of the document.

Find ways to use bamboo in composites
This could be several projects. Interested students should submit a request and once their project is authorized can coordinate with me to see when they could work on it.

Alternative Fabric Comparison
Test various fabrics and document
As a comparison study, I would like a chart created of various simple fabrics, their cost, strength, and other factors. This should also include their attributes in comparison to fiberglass.
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